Castleford boss hails record breaker Solomona

Denny Solomona on his way to his hat-trick try for Castleford against Warrington.
Denny Solomona on his way to his hat-trick try for Castleford against Warrington.

Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell paid tribute to Denny Solomona after the flying winger broke the club record for number of tries in a Super League season.

Solomona took his tally to 28 when he crossed the line four times against Warrington, to go past Darren Rogers’ previous record and now has his sights set on St John Ellis’ all-time Castleford record of 40 tries. In all matches he has 30 so far with a possible eight games to go.

“It’s a great achievement to set the record, there’s no doubt he scores tries for fun and his speed and his ability to get the ball down over the line is high quality,” said head coach Powell.

“His finishing quality has been there all year as his try total has told. There’s some parts of his game he needs to improve, but try scoring is not one of them! Generally if he gets an opportunity he gets it down over the line.

“He has had a fair bit of benefit this year as I think the left side has been on fire, probably in some way because our right side half-back has just been switched around so much and nobody has really nailed down the position.

“Denny showed his finishing skills again at the weekend. He got a couple gift wrapped by Luke Dorn, but the one he plucked out of the air and ran the full length of the field that’s pure speed and only there’s so many players can do that.”

There has been talk of Solomona being a Man of Steel candidate and Powell believes he could be a contender, although not many wingers win the award.

He added: “It’s a tough question as to whether he is a Man of Steel contender. Generally it comes down to half-backs or people who influence the game through being creative so it’s hard for winger to win the award.

“But wingers can win it and it depends on what the players vote.

“Coaches look for different things, you’re looking for all-round performances and being able to do everything close to the perfect player over a season. But it depends on what the players see. He has certainly done a great job scoring tries.

“I think we’ll continue to create opportunities and if he keeps fit he’s going to score more tries in the rest of the season.”