Castleford bingo hall evacuated after fire breaks out

Ritz Bingo, Castleford.
Ritz Bingo, Castleford.

A bingo hall in Castleford was evacuated last night after a fire started at the back of the building.

Smoke flooded into Ritz Bingo on Albion Street after a stack of cardboard went up in flames at the back of the building at about 6pm last night.

Watch Commander Dave Smith said it was likely caused by a discarded cigarette and it narrowly missed setting fire to a gas pipe.

He said: "The smoke inside the hall was really thick - it wouldn't have been very pleasant playing bingo in that atmosphere."

It took around an hour for firefighters to deal with the problem.

He warned businesses that stacking rubbish within a short distance of the back of a building posed a fire risk.