Castleford are motivated for Wigan payback

Paul McShane in action for Castleford in their last meeting with Wigan Warriors.
Paul McShane in action for Castleford in their last meeting with Wigan Warriors.

Castleford Tigers players will not be lacking in motivation when they take to the Mend-A-Hose Jungle pitch for the second of the Super 8s games tomorrow night.

After suffering three defeats at the hands of Wigan Warriors this year the Tigers need no reminding of the size of the task ahead of them, but they are determined to finally get one over old rivals they feel have shown them disrespect.

Comments after recent meetings between the teams have not gone down well in Castleford and head coach Daryl Powell admits he will use them as part of his team talk before the latest game with Wigan.

He told the Express: “Everything I’ve seen from the guys over the last three or four weeks is that we’ve got a highly motivated group here and I’m hoping the way Wigan go on a bit can bring out the best in us.

“What happened down here the last time Wigan came I wasn’t too keen on to be honest so we need to be aggressive and we need to be mindful of what they are about and get after them.

“I don’t think we should stand for any nonsense from them and I will certainly be telling the players. I don’t want us to back off from anything this weekend.

“I do use some of the things that comes from Wigan as motivation. Some of it is a bit nonsense, to be honest. I don’t understand some of it.

“We just get on with our own jobs. We have our own philosophy here and it differs from Wigan and I’m pretty happy about that.

“For me there’s certain clubs that do believe they are big clubs and believe they have a right to win every time they play against teams like ourselves. But we’re striving for us to be a team that wins things on a regular basis. Nobody’s got a divine right to do that.”

Powell acknowledged that Wigan are a good side, but said that as his team’s performance against Hull showed the Tigers need not fear anyone.

He said: “They are a really physical team and defensively they are one of the best.

“Their line speed is similar to what we faced last week. Hull have got a pretty intense line speed and you’ve got to be really good to be able to ride that and be effective against it.

“But I’m really confident in our pack. It was awesome last week, they went straight through the guts of Hull and were way too good for them.

“This will be another big challenge, Wigan’s pack is notoriously strong. But I don’t think we need to fear anybody.

“We’ve got nothing to lose to be honest, it’s just play to the best of our ability, be aggressive.

“I don’t see any reason why we should fear anything from Wigan. We’ve had some tough challenges against them this year and we’ve been pretty close to them on most occasions, but we haven’t beaten them.”

With no players back from injury Powell is likely to go with the same squad as last week and is happy to do so.

He added: “We’ve only got 19 fit players so I won’t be making too many changes. But we were outstanding last week so I wouldn’t be making many changes to that team anyway based on performance, which is what it’s all about.”