Car-park fine reprieve as drivers buy tickets from wrong machine

Confusing car park
Confusing car park

Car-park confusion has led a shopping centre to temporarily halt handing out fines to motorists in Castleford.

Problems have arisen for those parking in Carlton Lanes car park and the adjoining Aire Street car park, with drivers regularly buying tickets from the wrong machines.

Aire Street is run by Wakefield Council, with Carlton Lanes operated by Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre. Users have complained that signage and barriers between the two car parks is insufficient.

A spokesman for Carlton Lanes said: “Whilst the council improve signage and communication to users of their car park, we are going to help alleviate confusion by instead of issuing a penalty ticket to users of our car park who have bought a ticket for Aire Street car park, we will issue a warning notice so that it makes it clear for next time.

“We are suggesting that the council follows a similar line of approach so that more users of the two car parks are aware of what is often a very genuine error.

“We would rather help improve the situation than penalise our shoppers.

Carlton Lanes said that the warning scheme will be in place until November 12.

Neil Rodgers, service director for transportation at Wakefield Council, said extra signs have been erected, including a boundary map of the car park.

He added: “We will continue to monitor the situation. But anyone who is still unclear can contact us on 0345 8506506 for advice.”