Cancer survivors to raise cash for charity

SISTERS who survived breast cancer are fighting to raise money for charity now that their mum has also been diagnosed with the disease.

South Kirkby sisters Jane Stanley and Jean Copcutt are opening up their catering business to the public for a charity morning for Breast Cancer Care.

They are running the charity event at their business J&J Catering after their mum, Doris Wood, became the third member of their family to be struck with the disease.

Ms Copcutt, 52, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and needed an operation to remove the lump in her breast and radiotherapy to beat the disease.

The two sisters had just started to get J&J Catering back on track when tragedy struck again in 2004 and Mrs Stanley, now 44, was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

She had to suffer 12 gruelling sessions of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiotherapy and was given the all-clear in 2007.

They have been keen fundraisers throughout and after their illnesses, and are now working to raise more money now that their 82-year-old mum has been diagnosed.

Mrs Stanley said: “We are hosting a charity event because all three of us have been diagnosed and it’s been such a shock each time.

“We do try to give money every month, but when something terrible like this happens it spurs you on and we just want to raise as much money as possible.

“I want people to be aware that, even if you don’t fit any of the categories for getting cancer, it can still happen to you. “Check yourself regularly and if you feel a lump go to the doctor. Don’t be scared – get yourself there. Cancer doesn’t necessarily mean a death warrant.”

The event will include free tea, coffee and cake with a tombola and donation buckets at J&J Catering, Langthwaite House, South Kirkby Industrial Estate. It runs from 11am until 2.30pm on Friday, July 6.