Camps help you get fit for £1

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A new training camp initiative is helping Hemsworth residents to get fit - for just £1.

More than 100 people turned out for the first Community £1 24Fit Camp session at Hemsworth Rugby Club last month.

The scheme - which is aimed at men and women aged 12 and over - is run on a not for profit basis, with any excess money being donated to charity.

The rugby club has also offered the venue for free to maximise the fundraising.

People taking part will be able to see their progress through body analysis readings, with prizes in four categories - the highest percentage of overall body weight lost, the highest percentage of body fat lost, the highest percentage increase of lean muscle mass and the highest percentage increase in hydration levels.

Lauren Siddons, fit camp coach, said: “We had 110 people from the local community in attendance at the first session.

“It is a not for profit session and once any overheads have been paid all of the profits go to a local charity or good cause of the fit campers’ choice.

“So they are raising funds and doing good for the local community whilst doing something good for themselves too.”

The camps run in waves of five weeks, with a break on the sixth week. Training takes place at the rugby club, on Moxon Fields, Lowfield Road, Hemsworth, from 6.30pm every Tuesday.

People can join part-way through a wave, but body analysis tests will only be carried out at the start of every wave.

Campers will also receive a free five week to 5k running guide and work out plan and free energy tea. The second wave starts on May 31.

For more information, search for Community £1 24Fit Camp on Facebook or email