Businesses encouraged to come together after cash boost for digital project

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A SOUTH Kirkby company has secured funding for a project designed to boost trade across the district.

Community interest company RCP21, which is based on Langthwaite Business Park, South Kirkby, will carry out research into mobile platforms to help companies communicate and share resources.

And the company has secured part of a £1.8m investment from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board to fund a research programme.

The programme will look into how businesses can communicate with each other and share resources.

And it will use smart-phones and web-based platforms to promote communication and convergence amongst business on the park and beyond.

Technological consultant Drew Brigham, said: “We have noticed that a lot of business parks have businesses on them that don’t even know what each other do.

“But we hope to set something up so they can work together and share resources.

“For example, snow clearance. A lot of business parks aren’t owned by the council so they don’t necessarily get cleared.

“But if businesses work together then they can get it cleared and save a lot of money.”

RCP21 is a community interest company which means it uses its assets and profits for the benefit of the community.

The research will first be piloted across West Yorkshire business parks but the company hope that the scheme can go on to be nationwide.

Mr Brigham, 27, of South Elmsall, said: “We are going to pilot it in the area but we are hoping to spread it across the UK.

“A lot of companies are working on their own but if they actually work together they would see a lot more opportunities.”

The company’s head, Mohan De Silva, said: “RCP21 is delighted to have secured this significant funding award and to play a part in the drive to ensure that innovative digital projects are developed within the region.

“Now more than ever, UK and European businesses need to continue to strive towards efficiencies and high resource utilisation.

“Our aim is to create a platform that enables this to happen and the fact that this taking place in South Kirkby provides a significant boost to Wakefield’s reputation for pioneering work.”

The success of the firm’s funding bid was welcomed by Wakefield Council leader Peter Box.

He said: “Wakefield Council is developing a reputation for forward-thinking policies and supporting partners which take an innovative approach to business.

“This is an example of a Wakefield community-focused company succeeding in a highly competitive and unique environment, and I am certain then befit will be seen in this district and beyond.”