Bus fares set to go up again in the new year


BUS fares are set to rise in the new year for the second year in a row.

Arriva Yorkshire, which runs bus services across the Express area, will raise their prices from January 13, 2013.

But, not all fares will be affected, and the maximum single fare rise will be 10p.

The price of a weekly and four-weekly Yorkshire zone multi-journey tickets will be frozen.

And a Stagecoach spokeswoman said it would not increase its fares across the south east for the second consecutive year.

But that is little consolation for commuters across the area who expressed their outrage at the rises on our Facebook page.

Clare Smith said: “It’s crazy, it’s cheaper for me and my children to get a taxi than it is to catch a bus.

Sarah Lee said: “Well I do hope we get a better service if prices are to increase again.”

Sam Emerson said: “This is what annoys me, the government wants people to use public transport but yet they keep putting the price up.

“It’s cheaper, and a lot better, going in your own car or a taxi. If they want people to stop using cars then stop doing this, reduce the price, then more people will want to get on public transport.”

Hayley Longster said: “It’s cheaper to park your car in Wakefield now than get the bus there and back.”

And Adam Huskins said: “It is cheaper to get a taxi than a bus now. I can’t believe how much they get away with charging.”

Arriva said that the current economic climate led them with no option but to increase certain fares.

Nigel Featham, managing director for Arriva Yorkshire, said: “We are committed to providing value for money fares and high service standards.

“Due to current economic pressures and in order to maintain our current service levels we need to increase a number of fares this January.”

Mr Featham added that passengers can save 10 per cent on four-weekly tickets if bought on the company’s website at www.arrivabus.co.uk

For full details of the new fares visit www.arrivabus.co.uk or call Arriva customer service on 0844 800 44 11.