Budding actors scoop police award for creativity in class

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CREATIVE pupils who came up with a film to help stop anti-social behaviour have won an award - and their footage will be shown in classrooms across the district.

The youngsters from Moorthorpe Primary School, on Regent Street, scooped the prize for the best video from West Yorkshire Police at its annual award ceremony last Wednesday..

The pupils’ film, called George, shows the devastating effects that anti-social behaviour can have on an elderly person.

The film shows 89-year-old George who is at the centre of such attacks.

People knock on his door, vandalise his home and then steal his newspaper. He then chases after the yobs but suddenly has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital.

The film will now be used as a tool in schools across the district to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Moorthorpe teacher Sarah Cowan said the children had worked really hard and that she was very proud of them.

She said: “The video has had a great impact on all the children in the school, and has even had some of the children in tears.

“It’s a very powerful film and think it’s great that other pupils will be able to benefit from what we have done.”

Superintendent Tyrone Joyce said: “This award is in recognition of the enthusiasm and effort pupils have shown in getting young people to recognise and address issues around anti-social behaviour.”