Boy saves dog from blaze

10 year Charlie Taylor saves his dog Marley from a house fire.
10 year Charlie Taylor saves his dog Marley from a house fire.
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A BRAVE 10-year-old boy saved his beloved dog from death and his house being burned to the ground after turning off a pan that had caught fire.

Charlie Taylor, of Rose Avenue, Upton, came home on Sunday to discover black smoke had filled the empty house.

He was scared for the safety of his two-year-old dog so entered the house in search of the Lhasa Apso, called Marley.

The Upton Primary School pupil saw that a pan on the cooker was full of flames so quickly turned it off and opened all of the windows, and then shouted for his dog.

He then fought his way through the smoke and frantically searched the rest of the house.

Frightened Marley had hidden away but as soon as he saw the door was open, dashed onto the street, with Charlie behind him.

Charlie said: “I wasn’t really scared I was just really worried that Marley was inside so knew I had to try and get him out.”

Charlie’s mum, Clare Taylor, 31, returned just minutes later to find them both shaken and upset.

She said: “I am proud of him but half angry that he ran into the house despite it being full of smoke.”

Both Charlie and Marley are fine and suffered no injuries.

She said she had left the house three hours previously but thought she had turned the pan off.

Miss Taylor said: “I had been cooking spaghetti bolognaise but I must have turned it to the minimum.

“I am shocked that a ten year old boy would know what to do, as I am an adult and would not have known how to respond.”

“It is such a big thing to do when I think about what could have happened. It could have caught fire and gone through the rest of the house. We were really lucky the house was not damaged, it just smells of smoke.”