Boy saved by pal’s actions

A QUICK-thinking youngster has been praised after he helped his friend when he was injured - using tips he’d picked up from watching television.

Jordan White, 12, remained calm and helped his pal, Kyle Folletti, 10, after he split open his nose last Wednesday.

He applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding and quickly ran for help.

Kyle’s mum Rebecca Barker, 28, of Beech Street, South Elmsall, said: “Jordan was just so calm and really reassured Kyle, I can’t thank him enough.”

The pair were at Jordan’s house on Smith Walk while their mothers were chatting but decided to go and clean out Kyle’s ferrets at his house, a 30-minute walk away.

Kyle went inside while Jordan went into the back yard to see to the pets.

Kyle climbed on back of the sofa to knock on the window to ask his friend to come inside but lost his footing and landed head first on a radiator, injuring his nose.

Kyle, who attends Ash Grove J&I school said: “It really hurt and I was quite scared.”

Jordan said: “I just saw him screaming and even though I was a bit scared I just tried to stop his nose from bleeding.”

Jordan knew what to after watching an emergency service programmes on television.

He then ran to a friend’s house who took them to their parents.

Kyle needed three stitches and glue applied to his nose.