Book tells the story of life on estate

Patricia Duffy: Pontefract author. p317a443
Patricia Duffy: Pontefract author. p317a443

Author Patricia Duffy grew up in the heart of Pontefract’s Chequerfield estate.

Her mother, grieving from the loss of her husband during the Second World War, was one of the first people to be given a house there after the conflict.

Now living in nearby Carleton, Mrs Duffy has penned a book about life on the estate.

She said: “My mother was one of the first people who took a house for her, my sister and myself, as a war widow.

“I have always had a great love for the estate because I was brought up there and I think people should have a sense of pride about where they come from.

“A lot of people tend to think badly of council estates but the book is all about people saying they were proud to live in Chequerfield.

“It had and still does have its own sense of community.

“Everyone seemed to look out for each other. It was and still is a wonderful place to live.”

Whilst Mrs Duffy looks fondly on her time at Chequerfield, the book focuses on the story of the estate itself and others who lived there.

She said: “Chequerfield was the largest council estate in Europe just after the Second World War and was built primarily to house people that were living in inadequate housing and for soldiers returning from conflict.

“The book tells the story of the estate through the years.

“There are lots of photographs and various people who share their memories of growing up and working there.”

Mrs Duffy, who worked at Pontefract Library for 37 years, has already written a book on the former Willow Park Senior Girls’ School, which tells the story of life at the school through the memoirs of two former teachers.

Copies of her new book Chequerfield are available from Chess Sales on Ropergate, Darrington village store and Tillotson newsagents on Church Balk Lane for £9.