Blind man slapped in face by woman

A WOMAN slapped a blind man in the face following a dispute and racially harassed members of his family.

Fiona Farmer, of Kirkby Road, Hemsworth, admitted to slapping Hassan Akhtar in the face after an argument started at his shop, Upton Mini Market on Main Street, Upton, on November 26.

Marie Austin-Walsh, prosecuting at Wakefield Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, said there had been an argument between the sons of Mr Akhtar and the sons of Farmer.

She said the 49-year-old victim heard Farmer slurring her words so thought she had been drinking.

He made a comment about the argument but was told to ‘shut up’ by Farmer, who then slapped him across the face. There was no lasting injury. She pleaded guilty to the assault.

Then on March 13, at around 9.30pm Farmer banged on the window of the shop wearing her nightwear.

She threatened to kill Mohammed Amman and Mohammed Shoaib - members of the blind man’s family - and racially insulted them.

Farmer pleaded guilty to two counts of racially or religiously aggravated harassment.

Mrs Austin-Walsh said it has caused worry and fear for the family.

Craig Sutcliffe, mitigating, said Farmer had gone into the shop in the first incident as a ‘peacemaker’ to remove her sons from the argument. He said she not had not gone in with the intention of getting involved and the slap was not pre-meditated.

Mr Sutcliffe said at the time of the second incident she had been visiting a friend nearby and was on her way back home when she heard someone from the shop shout racist abuse at her. She went over to the shop where there was an ‘exchange of words’,

He said: “It’s not the case she was waving her arms around back and forth and breaking down the door. It was just an angry argument.

“Before these incidents she was a lady of good character and had never been before a court.

“This has caused her a great deal of distress and upset.”

Mr Sutcliffe said Farmer had lived in one of the nearby flats owned by the family and there had been disputes regarding a broken window.

He said she had worked in the care profession for 20 years but was now out of work due to anxiety and depression.

Farmer was given a four-week curfew order, fined £100 and ordered to pay £85 court costs. She was also given a restraining order against the three men.