Better planning needed

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I WAS born and bred in Hemsworth and have lived here most of my life.

I have some great memories of walks into woods and fields and surrounding areas, until certain authorities decided to change the face of Hesmworth. Most of the historic buildings have gone forever. Five great woods plus hedgerows which in turn destroyed wildlife.

I was one of many who wrote to the Times wanting the Brickyard making into a Water Park and fishing pond plus a new clubhouse. It could have been a great cornerstone to revitalise Hemsworth, especially as it was underground fed by natural spring water.

I’d like to know what greater benefits it had putting it at the side of Hemsworth Park.

One other point I’d like to make is the traffic in Hemsworth is a joke. Has anyone assessed pollution levels especially around Grove Lea School? On certain days Grove Lea, Thomas Street and Victoria Street have become rat runs. Some cars come down Grove Lea at 40 to 50mph. Why can’t we have a 20mph or No Through Road signs before anyone gets seriously hurt? The point I’m trying to make is better planning and more open spaces before we grind to a halt.

R Butterfield

Grove Lea