Baby chicks break free

New chicks at Moorthorpe Primary school.'Kenzie Walsh
New chicks at Moorthorpe Primary school.'Kenzie Walsh

MOORTHORPE youngsters broke free from traditional learning when they were given the chance to watch some baby chicks being born.

The pupils, from Moorthorpe Primary School, were given 12 eggs from the Living Eggs company and were able to watch them hatch into chicks and then grow for a week.

The special delivery was part of the foundation stage children’s science classes, although the whole school was able to visit the chicks and watch them hatching.

Barbara George, school business manager, said: “The eggs were delivered on the Monday and by Wednesday some of them had started to crack. The children were very excited to watch the whole process.

“They have absolutely loved seeing the chicks hatch and watching them grow until the company collected them the following Friday. The pupils even gave the baby chicks their own little names as well.

“The whole experience was part of their science classes and helped them learn about the life cycle.

“The youngsters do learn a lot by taking part in these sorts of projects because it is more practical and hands on, rather than just reading about it in a textbook.”