‘Attack’ at meeting

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A ‘SPECIAL’ meeting was held on Tuesday, August 30, of Hemsworth Town Council.

At this meeting some of the councillors walked out in protest, as well as over 40 members of the public.

Before we go any further - was anyone in the community aware that this meeting was taking place?

Was it advertised in the local press that such an event was taking place?

No, I believe not. But it should have been.

The question was asked regarding this and the answer was ‘it was, in the council office windows’.

What do we pay our rates for in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam if we are not informed of such special meetings like this?

Are we second class citizens, I ask you?

This meeting was a disgrace to the community.

It opened up with Coun Jim Kenyon asking questions, roughly five in number, and I must say Coun Upson didn’t have the manners to answer one of them.

His answer was an aggression action, with a personal attack on Mr Kenyon, which was nothing to do with council business. A disgraceful attack.

Mr Kenyon replied, but I am not willing to repeat what he stated regarding Mr Upson as it goes against my nature.

All I can say is that from what Mr Kenyon said then Mr Upson should be asked to resign from Hemsworth Town Council.

If no satisfaction comes from this, I will write to the Communities and Local Government Office in London, to Mr Eric Pickles, who is in charge of parish councils, stating my facts regarding Mr Upson and the reasons why he should not hold office in our community.

EA Barrett

Fieldside Road