Amazed at resurfacing

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It is great to see that Wakefield Council has got its priorities right when it comes to resurfacing the local area and roads.

To my amazement I have recently seen the council depot at South Kirkby get a makeover - resurfacing - whilst drivers like me still have to dodge the potholes - including the many on Stockingate and opposite Minsthorpe Community College.

Surely the resurfacing lorry would have been better served filling the holes on the roads first, before seeing to the council depot?

I trust that as we have a supply of Tarmac for the area, the potholes will be infilled in the very near future - now that the work at the depot is complete.

How long before someone sues Wakefield Council for repair costs to their vehicle, due to their ineptitude in dealing with a blatantly obvious problem? Surely the potholes have been identified and work can now commence.

Matthew Briggs,

Vicarage Close,

South Kirkby