Air ambulance charity event

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A ‘hair e-raising’ event has raised hundreds of pounds for charity.

Charlie Halls, 46, from South Elmsall, had his ponytail shaved off at the Brookside Commercial and Social Club, Barnsley Road, on Saturday, March 1.

The ‘mane’ event was carried out by Sarah Taylor, who runs a mobile hairdressing unit in South Elmsall.

The event raised around £400 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which provides a life saving rapid response emergency service to five million people across Yorkshire.

The headshave was supported by The Empire Working Men’s Club, Barnsley Road, Moorthorpe and the Pretoria Working Men’s Club, on Westfield Lane, South Elmsall, which both collected sponsors in the weeks before the shave.

Barbara Hoy, assistant manager at the Brookside, said: “Charlie is a member of the Brookside who has lived in South Elmsall all his life and went to Minsthorpe College.

“He just wanted to do something to raise money for a charity that means something to our area.

“He said he had been thinking about it for a long time and that he wanted to contribute to the air ambulance.

“So he had his much-loved ponytail and the rest of his hair shaved off.

“We put forms up in the local clubs and some members collected cash as well.

“We also took a bucket around on the night and got some more donations that way.”