Act now on traffic issue

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IF you think the traffic has dramatically increased over the last few weeks in Mount Avenue, Hemsworth, as people in their cars, vans and lorries use it as a rat run coming down fast and furious from Kinsley when the traffic is backed up beyond Cemetery Road - then you are right!

The majority of them are using Mount Avenue to gain six car lengths in advance of Cross Hills, and the remainder are turning right illegally onto Westfield Road to cut Cross Hills out completely.

One residents has been in repeated contact with our local MP Jon Trickett about this over the last 18 months, but has drawn a blank to the problem, due to funding.

If you are irate like us, then many voices get heard. I urge you to put pen to paper and make your complaint heard,

We all know this has been cased by the Tesco development and it is getting worse.

There are a few solutions, most not totally practical, but something needs to be done - maybe blocking off near the top somewhere? Write now to your local MP before your property becomes drastically reduced due to the above issues, or worse still someone gets killed.

Stephen Foster

Mount Avenue