A referendum is required

I attended the Hemsworth Town Council annual meeting on April 18.

This should have been a chance to question the Labour-controlled council on the management and the 58.2 per cent precept rise.

More than 100 ratepayers attended the meeting and were subjected to a party political broadcast by the chairman Tony Upson.

He gave an excellent account of how to waste and spend precent money on a grand scale.

He showed complete disregard to the ratepayers who attended and after a rant about Mrs Thatcher closed the meeting on the grounds that the precept rise was subject to a judicial review.

This was not the case as no papers had been served by the High Court. I believe the chairman closed the meeting early to avoid a vote of no confidence.

In his absence 94 ratepayers voted unanimously in favour of a vote of no confidence in the chairman Coun Upson, the town clerk Tina Pattison and the whole of Hemsworth Town Council.

We need to remove this town council before it does any more financial damage to the community – we can do this by a referendum.

Thomas Stratford

Lowfield Road