Legal advice session on equal pay claims against Asda

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An advice clinic will be held for former Asda staff who believe they were unfairly paid less than other workers at the supermarket chain.

Lawyers investigating thousands of equal pay claims against Asda will hold the session at Pugney’s Country Park on Friday.

People who have worked for Asda in the past six years or who are employed by the retailer are invited to attend between 10am and noon.

Law firm Leigh Day has received 19,000 enquiries, including 300 from West Yorkshire, over differences in pay between for staff carrying out similar roles at Asda.

It is claimed that employees at Asda-owned distribution centres were paid less than some supermarket staff.

Leigh Day’s employment law expert Michael Newman said: “Our investigations suggest that the jobs are pretty much the same, in that warehouse staff are responsible for taking items off shelves, putting them on pallets and loading them into lorries.

“In the supermarket they do the reverse, taking the pallets off the lorries, un-stacking them and putting the items on the shelves.

“Where the jobs are not similar, we still think they are of equal value.”

Claimants could potentially be entitled to six years of back pay if the case against Asda is successful, Leigh Day said.