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LETTERS in this column From Mr Catton and GM Longdon (Express, February 9), must be replied to.

Mr Catton compares this community to Ryhill, stating careful budgeting and good management in Ryhill have allowed a freeze in precept. I don’t see any comparison with facilities in these two communities, it is of no interest to me what any other community provides in services.

South Elmsall Town Council provides facilities for 12 user groups from table tennis, art, sea cadets, stroke club etc , also Citizens Advice Bureaux, NUM computer, Sure Start group and Friday night youth club, Bowling green, putting, multi-use games area, new play area and football pitches. Other things provided include toilets, hanging baskets, Christmas trees, firework display and burial board contributions. Three allotments sites are also provided, for a couple of pounds a week.

I was brought up in a community that thankfully had a lot of these facilities which generated a fantastic community spirit. In the last few years we have attracted over £100,000 in funding for this community’s young people.

GM Longdon criticises labour for the economic collapse, but this is a worldwide financial collapse which originated in the USA, with Lehman Bros being the first bank to collapse under an American Tory-minded government.

The Tory Party were crying for fewer regulations in this country and still are. They now hide behind the excuse that a worldwide bank transaction tax would have to be agreed before they adopt one, hence Cameron’s EU veto. Barclay’s declare £6b in profits, 20 per cent plus in bonuses while savers while money they invest gets nothing in return.

This government front bench must ride first class, why shouldn’t Labours? Cameron/Osborne and the right wing press have turned this discussion from one of greed, tax avoidance and risk taking into an attack on public sevrants, nurses, firefighters, disabled and benefit claimers. There are 3m people chasing 1m jobs. At the same time we are making 12,000 HMRC officers redundant, who out to be tacking tax cheats and offshore accountants.

Mr B Capstick

Manor Farm Estate

South Elmsall