LETTER: Have your say at Hemsworth Town Council meeting

It is over 12 months since we had the AGM for Hemsworth Town Council where over 100 people came to ask questions about the £100,906 which our council got via Wakefield MDC, via the government, last year.

I know a lot of you went home disappointed when the chairman closed the meeting before any questions could be asked. I think this should have been used this year to bring the rates down and not put in the bank.

I know a lot of people in this area are struggling to pay their rates.

Don’t you understand, Mr Upson, if we want anything decent we have to travel to Wakefield or Pontefract, which costs money travelling.

I only hope that for the people in the OAPs centre in Fitzwilliam it is a success for them.

So let’s see some of the ratepayers on the committee up there to get it running smoothly. They have £15,000 to start with so they have a good start. So let’s see some sense come out of this and don’t squander the money.

I hope to see a lot of you at the Hemsworth Town Council AGM at the Kinsley and Fitzwilliam Resource Centre on May 29 at 7pm.

Come along and have your say about the rates you are paying and any other business you wish to ask the council about.

E A Barrett

Fieldside Road