Give the man a fair chance

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REGARDING the letter from Robert Catton ‘Lesson to be learned’ (Express, February 9).

Mr Catton, I defend to the death your right to an opinion. What I am against is you having a go at a man who has been in the position of councillor for a few months.

Allow Coun Tulley to be get his feet under the table and shuffle some papers and make some phone calls before criticising him.

Trying to make out he is a comic Robin Hood, calling him and his fellow councillors his Merry Men doesn’t do the rest of your letter any justice,.

Steve Tulley is a man of integrity, a man with fire in his belly and a councillor who, if allowed, will do his utmost for this community. Let him and his fellow councillors get on with it and try not to vilify a man who has only been in office for five months.

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall