Charity staff are genuine

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I WANTED to write to let Express readers know about an issue that has been brought up with me on the doorsteps and across social media in the last few weeks.

A number of people have reported that the Red Cross have been knocking on doors, as late as 9pm, to ask for donations to their charity. A number of people were startled by this and some worried that the people knocking on their doors were not genuinely from the Red Cross.

I have contacted the Red Cross who have let me know that they do have volunteers working in the area. The volunteers knock until 9pm at the latest and will never ask for cash on the doorstep – they are asking people to sign up to a direct debit. They advised readers that if anyone saying they are from Red Cross knocks on their door and asks for cash donations on the doorstep they should contact the police.

I have written to the Red Cross to let them know what the reaction of local people has been and to ask them to reconsider knocking on doors so late at night – especially in areas where lots of older people live.

I know many people are very concerned about giving their details out (as you should be!) so if you would like to donate to Red Cross but don’t want to do it on the doorstep – you can visit their website or call their office on or 0844 87 100 87.

Michelle Collins

Wrangbrook Road