Pool should stay in south east

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Over the weeks I have read angry letters about the closure of Minsthorpe baths. A decision made by Wakefield Council to demolish the baths, leaving this pocket of the south east of the Wakefield district without a facility.

A very wise councillor told me any interest in bringing investors to this area is put off. Why do you ask?The result was localism, with every village, town or parish wanting the investment in their community. This brought me to see the sense in this. That’s what areas do where most of the cabinet comes from.

I was born and bred in this part of Wakefield; the people I meet are mostly very nice and unassuming but would like the same things. It is practically impossible for all of us to have the same, such as a swimming pool. This is where the trouble starts as we all want it in our area. Well like it or not our area is as good as any.

All our town, village, and parish councillors should give this some thought too. Coun Steve Tulley should bring on board all local councils.

I wanted everything for Hemsworth and was thrilled when was told a swimming pool was coming to Hemsworth but angry again on hearing Coun Rowley telling a meeting I attended that if Hemsworth didn’t want one then Wakefield would have it.

This answers the question in a letter in last week’s Express: it’s not in storage, it went together with the funds to place it in Wakefield. If the local five towns, village or parish councils stood united it would give all our councillors people power to put some pressure on Wakefield Council. I think it should be placed anywhere in the south east areas rather than not have one.

Wakefield Council cabinet members with the appropriate portfolios to cover the swimming pool should also be putting their weight behind this part of Wakefield as it is one of the most deprived, with poor health, obesity and lifestyles, according to latest statistics.

Denise Cook

Westfield Road