Pond life inspires young nature lovers

Spring Discovery Day at Upton Country Park
Spring Discovery Day at Upton Country Park
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SLIMY newts and creepy millipedes were hunted in and around the ponds at Upton Country Park on Saturday.

Around 100 attended a spring discovery day organised by Upton and District Photographic Club and OPAL staff from the University of York.

OPAL - the Open Air Laboratories Network - aims to inspire a new generation of nature-lovers.

Sarah West, one of the organisers, said “The aim of the OPAL project is to show people what amazing wildlife can be found on their doorstep and we certainly did that.

“In the wet areas we found adult frogs and toads, smooth newts, dragonfly and damselfly larvae and loads of tadpoles. And in the wooded areas we found millipedes, centipedes, two species of ladybird, and masses of other creatures, all in a few handfuls of leaves.”

All the activities were free for people to take part, and some families spent nearly the whole day at the park, which is also known as the Tips. The village hall also hosted a photographic exhibition by photographic club, which meets in the hall.