Parking fine for charity worker

Charity worker Stephen Shaw is angry after he got a parking fine at South Elmall train station.
Charity worker Stephen Shaw is angry after he got a parking fine at South Elmall train station.
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Charity worker Stephen Shaw who was mistakenly slapped with a parking fine at South Elmsall railway station has received an apology from rail bosses .

Mr Shaw, 57, of Priory Estate, South Elmsall, gets the train to Wakefield twice a week to volunteer at the Scope charity shop.

He parks his car at the station while he works the shift but when he returned to his car recently he had been given £50 parking fine - along with ten other cars.

He said: “I have always parked near the station. There are marked spaces but they are always full so I parked on the land near the station. I have done this many times as it is not obstructing anything.

“Lots of others car park there too, and we have never had any problems.”

Drivers started parking on the land in place of the former wagon shed - which was knocked down 18 months ago.

Mr Shaw said: “It’s ridiculous, there are no way near enough spaces and the spaces that are there fill so quickly. We weren’t given any warning that fines were going to be issued. Why have the rules changed so suddenly for South Elmsall? I think it’s so unfair. The £50 fine is a lot of money.”

He complained to Northern Rail and Coun Bryan Capstick who said he had received a lot of complaints.

A spokesperson for Northern Rail, said: “We have been experiencing issues with parking at South Elmsall station recently and our enforcement team has unfortunately misunderstood where our leased area lies.

“The area where the building was demolished and covered with tarmac is not within Northern’s lease and anyone who has received a ticket for parking there should contact us using the details given on the reverse of their ticket so we can rectify the situation.

“We apologise for the misunderstanding and assure customers this will not happen again.”

Contact 0845 000 0125 for more information.