On the Beat: With Insp Geoff Carter

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I am pleased to report that there have been no overnight burglary offences in Hemsworth over the last week.

This shows how when we all pull together to achieve results. I thank local people for listening to our home security message, the Express for passing the message out, and all my partners who have also helped in reducing this crime pattern.

However, we still have not charged anyone with these crimes and I still am asking for information that may lead to the conviction of the offenders.

Last week I was visited by a Superintendent and an Inspector from the Hong Kong Police who as part of their trip were looking at youth engagement. Together with PC Simon Newton my safer schools Officer we visited Minsthorpe Community College where they were shown round and staff explained how closely they work with the local Police. They were impressed with the work the South East NPT do and how youth inclusion is always a consideration.

The local STREET PACT’s are going well. Last Sunday we visited the Northfield estate and people were pleased to see my staff knocking on their doors and investigating local issues. These will continue across the South East every Sunday.