Did UFOs visit our skies?

HEMSWORTH has had several close encounters with UFOs, according to newly released Ministry of Defence files.

In a report made to the MOD, an unnamed resident spotted a craft flying over the town at about 8.50pm on Friday, March 25, 1988.

This picture was sketched after the sighting.

In a statement, the resident said: "I looked up in the direction of Hemsworth High School and saw a brilliant white light in the sky.

"I noticed the light appeared to be attached to the base of a round object which was just visible below the level of the clouds.

"The object appeared to make no noise at all and the light did not throw a beam in any direction. It disappeared in the direction of Hemsworth High School. I observed the object for approximately eight minutes.

"I have never seen anything like it before, or since, and was very frightened."

Just the day before a Hemsworth taxi driver said he had spotted a UFO at 11.50pm.

His statement said he saw the craft while travelling down Brierley Road towards Great Houghton, Barnsley, on his way to collect a passenger.

He said: "As I looked in my wing mirror a bright light caught my eye. I noticed a very bright white and green light.

"I turned off my engine and switched off my lights. By this time it was virtually level with me. I got out of my car. What I saw was about 800 yards away from me travelling in the direction of Thurnscoe.

"I made a diagram on a piece of scrap paper. The craft was a silver grey metallic colour and was in my sight for about 10 minutes before fading away. I could hear a very slight low-toned humming, which faded as the craft passed over me.

"The next day I was back at my taxi base in Hemsworth. I went out to my car and a bright white and green light caught my eye again. I watched it for two or three minutes as it grew larger."

He described the craft as a spinning top that was three times the size of a hot air balloon.

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