Ian is a breath of fresh air

ON THURSDAYS when I go to Tesco to do my weekly shopping I always buy my copy of the Express.

When I get home and put my shopping away, I sit down with a ‘cuppa’ and look forward to reading my local paper,.

Usually I turn straight away to the family notices, looking for familiar names of folks I know and remember,

Lately though I go straight to the page where I find Ian Clayton’s column, His words bring a breath of fresh air, are so very true, and prompt personal memories,.

In 2006, my daughter Susan came back to Hemsworth for a short while. She worked with members of our local community on the project ‘The Art of West End,’ made and directed by One to One Productions.

It was launched and celebrated by all who took part at a special event in Wakefield. Ian Clayton took part ion this every enjoyable gathering, I am sure many ‘West Enders’ will remembers this very well.

Although Susan has already read Ian’s column online, I send her the cuttings as well.

Thank you very much Ian, your writing is enjoyed. Keep up the good work.

Phyllis Boryc

Vissitt Close