Historical context of ban

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I READ with interest the cockerel ban story, but people are mistaken if they believe this is about discriminating against an individual.

As you know last year we fought to keep a right of way open for the rights of many people to enjoy the countryside. We were precluded from that by the building of the Grove Lane estate.

There was a lot of ill feeling between dog walkers and horse riders at the time and I guess a conflict of interest stopped the council from defending our rights.

Historically there has been a battle between councillors and allotment holders on that site since they failed to get the allotments for the bypass build 20-odd years ago. This stopped a few people from making money for surrounding land.

They say history repeats itself and while it may not be obvious who gains from this ban just now I suggest the people who object start researching the bigger picture for future development.

Meanwhile I think the Allotment holders need to ignore the ban until it is sorted legally and the resident who objects get a good pair of earplugs because buying a house near already resident livestock is an unfortunate mistake, but antagonising the established community is not really the way to enjoy a future here.

Pam Walker

Dale View