Glass is an eyesore

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AS I walk round Lidgate Cresent onto Langthwaite Industrial Estate, the paths and roads glitter in the sunlight - not with frost you understand, but powdered glass.

Ah surely the fault cannot lie with the glass recycling plant Berrimans, as they put nets up around the glass mountain to control the glass dust in breezy conditions. I clearly remember the meeting held several years ago.

Then there’s the litter, chewed-up paper labels and shards of plastic bottles. As I get closer to Berrimans this debris rather resembles snow! The litter round the glass plant is entrenched into the council shrubbery (presumably planted to beautify the industrial area), and matted into the grass. This spectacle carries on down the estate for several hundred yards.

As I look up at the glass mountain that is Berrimans, I see tattered and torn netting waving ineffectually in the wind. Not that it really matters because over the road in the opposite compound, another mountain of waste is being cultivated by Berrimans.

Apart from being an absolute eyesore and emitting a sickly aroma, that is still with me when I get back home, there are serval things here to consider. In the past nearby residents complained enough to warrant a meeting resulting in precautions being out in place.

These precautions are now being flouted. If we are teaching our children that litter is wrong, don’t walk them past Berrimans. If the powdered glass is a health issue, how can it sit well with the food processing factories opposite Berrimans?

Unfortunately, because we, the people, have taken our eye off the plant, they have let standards slip.

I realise there is local employment there, and I also know that the problem is realised in higher quarters because today I noticed a worker sweeping the path along the outside of Berrimans. Laughable.

It will take much more than one man and a sweeping brush to undo the environmental mess that exists there.

I cannot help wondering if the wonderful Wakefield Council would have this recycling plant in their beautiful city. What do you think?

Mrs J Tilley

Church Avenue

South Kirkby