Give us a fair deal

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I was at a Hemsworth Town Council meeting last month and on hearing what was passed and what was going on I came away in shame as a ratepayer.

As you are all aware we are in a recession, and fireworks have gone out of everyone’s reach, but our councillors can knock £5,000 off the budget for this year’s fireworks and still have over £15,000 to run the bonfire on!

Can anyone tell me if we are in a recession, how does this come about?

Hemsworth Town Council rates have gone up by 3.75 per cent which in common language means £3.75 per £100. Wakefield rates are frozen as the same as last year.

As I stated about Fitzwilliam and Kinsley previously, our Council gives money away like confetti, a £1,000 here, a £1,000 there.

We had six Christmas lights in Kinsley and six in Fitzwilliam, Don’t you think charity should stay at home with the ratepayer? So can we have some good Christmas lights in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam this year?

As I stated earlier we have saved £5,000 on the bonfire, why can’t this money be used for the Christmas lights?

The people in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam pay the same rates as others, isn’t it time they were given more of a fair deal, and not treated like second class citizens?

EA Barratt

Fieldside Road