First class service? No!

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ON reading this week’s Express (April 19), I am going to say that I am a true Labour man and will always vote for Jon Trickett our current MP, but locally I must say our Labour Party leaves a lot to be desired, as they carry on the same way as dictators do.

At the Hemsworth Town Council AGM the chairman started off with all the good things he had done in the past 12 months - finding jobs for young people, which I appreciate very much, the new community hall and the Sandygate Football Field. I was waiting for one thing and that was that the moon was made of ‘green cheese’!

Of 2012/13, his first remarks were that we are going to have a look at staffing. The next thing was the Sports Centre on Kirkby Road. It was asked by a member of the community, who owns the Kirkby Road Complex at the present day,

The answer was Hemsworth Town Council. So who owns the Castle (community hall) and the Sandygate Football Field? You can’t have the bun and eat it Mr Upson!

Regarding the vote of no confidence in the chairman, as you will have read in the Express, the vote has 19 votes to 19.

I beg to differ as I counted 21 to remove the chairman. The general public asked for a re-count but the meeting was closed before this could take place.

The reasons I am giving for the chairman to be removed are as follows:

1 - The way Mr Womersley was removed from the council.

2 - I saw one ratepayer throw his agenda at Mr Upson saying he was a disgrace to the Labour Party.

3 - There have been people who have been to the meetings and walked out in disgust at the proceedings.

4 - Last but not least, as a chairman, you should not bring private/personal matters against another councillor into the chambers. It is not a fit place to hang our your ‘dirty washing’.

Finally, I am informed that we are paying the police for Bonfire Night, the cost being over £1,300. We pay for the police via Wakefield Council and the West Yorkshire Police Authority - why are we being double charged for this service? Thanks you Mr Upson for a non-first class ratepayer service.

Serving the interests of the ratepayer, I ask you?

EA Barratt

Fieldside Road