Clean up horse riders!

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Following on from my recent letter regarding litter left behind by thoughtless people on the Holmsley Estate Recreation Ground, it is refreshing to see some recent improvement in the situation.

Hopefully this will continue into the future. Please do continue to encourage all to help my little friends and use the bins provided. My little eco pals have now brought to my attention that they also do not relish playing football etc around the droppings left behind by horses. I have witnessed this myself on many occasions previously, and yet again only this morning.

The horse riders who allow this to happen probably consider themselves to be responsible members of the community and equally deplore others who cause the little uns to play amongst rubbish. Could I please remind those same people that it is a totally irresponsible action to exercise or cross a children’s community playing field on a horse, especially so when it isn’t necessary. The obvious responsible action is to keep off the field with your horses.

It is appalling that for the sake of keeping your horses to the surrounding roadside the little ones are forced to play amongst these droppings.

Please horse riders have a little more thought about this irresponsible action. These little eco warriors are probably members of your own family and they deserve all your help in their crusade for a safer and modern play area.

Bryan Thomas

Dunsley Terrace

South Kirkby