Bumper crop at festival

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GENEROUS youngsters at Moorthorpe Primary School collected lots of food to hand out to the local community as they celebrated their harvest festival.

The 196 pupils at the J&I school on Regent Street, asked their parents for tinned food and produce and in return they entertained them for the morning with a show based on the autumn event. They read out poems, and acted out the story of The Little Red Hen.

Deputy headteacher, Pauline Pollard said it was a great way for children to discover where food came from.

She said: “Although we complain about the rain it’s vital we have it to help the crops grow, and other countries do not have that. So the children learnt about the importance of harvest locally and globally.”

A collection was made and will be donated charity to help third world countries.

Mrs Pollard said parents really enjoyed their performance and she was really pleased with the turnout.