All parties are to blame

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In JON Trickett’s column (Express, July 28) I was amazed to read of Jon’s fear for Wakefield’s unemployed and soon to be school leavers in gaining employment.

After all it was Labour who began the political policy of mass immigration of cheap foreign workers leading to the situation we have today of four in five jobs (80 per cent) going to foreign workers since Labour took power in 1997.

I read recently that the Polish are sending home £3BILLION a year, that’s £3billion not going back into the British economy.

This doesn’t take into account the billions sent home by all the other European workers.

Then there are the numerous European stores opening up all over Wakefield, selling European goods, how many £billions are lost to the benefit of European industries?

What a sorry state of affairs when the British government of which Jon is a member and British businesses are doing their best to undermine the British economy.

Please don’t tell us that the British won’t do the jobs these Europeans do.

Reduce the benefits paid and the British will work as hard as any European worker when they realise the alternative is to go cold and hungry.

All one needs to do is look at the history of the British worker to see how good we were.

But neither Jon nor his pals in Westminster will dare reduce benefits because they know the consequences will be violent protests and demands for British jobs for British workers.

As for British businesses, they will eventually cut their own throats by their employing foreign workers who don’t work better then the British they just work cheaper.

Britain is heading for financial meltdown, it’s not a case of ‘if’ it is a case of ‘when’.

So Jon, dry those crocodile tears as neither Labour, Conservative or LibDem politicians can claim to have clean hands in the destruction of Britain’s economy or the lack of employment for our youths and unemployed.

Andrew Cooper